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John Morin - pls call!

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John - check your private message box
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I hear you enjoy special cigars from a certain island near the Keys... and a really really good single malt from a place near and dear to our pal Adrian...and I've got Morgan Fairchilds private number if you want it...yah sure, that's the ticket! me before you call that Juro guy...

(just kidding!....REALLY!)
Solo, I will call and I dd get your e-mail today.. wait till I tell you what happened to day on the other board. you should see two of the reponse... you were in the service..see a real coward at work.
Who's passing out Cubans? Save one for me. 8) John, call me first too, that Juro is probably out at Monomoy anyway.

BTW, John-the bamboo rod is in my possession. I could drop it at your house up here on the mainland or we could wait till my next on Cape experience.

Terry.. how about a a nice Mont.Cristo Robusto... or Cohiba Robusto.. or.. a....One is on reserve
Ya man! We'll smoke them to celebrate my first landed keeper. Na, that could be the fall run at this point. Oops, there I go being negative again. (don't tell Juro). Feel the force... I will catch a big one...I will catch....

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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