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is it about catching fish??

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I just returned from 3 fishless days on the N Umpqua. Having lived there a few years ago the river brought back soo many memories. Remembered all the people i met while I was there. I began to realize that on some rivers maybe all rivers, my cherished memories don't revolve around a fish i caught or watched someone catch. They revolve around the people I got to know.

Anyway just some thoughts i was having, there are a lot of fish in the river but the water temps are high so the fish are inactive. Also the jig and bobber fishermen are still using weighted flies and 3 or 4x tippet on their 6wts. Thoes that aren't using weighted flies are using 6/0 tungston tarpon hooks. with tippets ties onto swivels for extra weight. Proving once again their greed and lack of ethic. When catching fish becomes more important than experiencing a river you need to take up another hobby.. Try golf..
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Most people just don't get it. How many times have you heard the old "you spend that much money on fishing just to let them go" line?
It's definitely about the fishing. Steelhead, atlantic salmon, permit, seatrout, tuna being among the most elusive species and high on the list of those requiring the angler to enjoy the chase as much as the capture. Each of these fish can be "suckered" or they can be caught with pride and even a bit of honor.

Spending time on a great river like the Umpqua in and of itself is a privilege many of us wish we had!
roballen (07-26-2001 12:07 a.m.):
my cherished memories don't revolve around a fish i caught or watched someone catch. They revolve around the people I got to know.
How true - sure we laugh when we talk of trips past but it's the fact that we shared those trips that make them memorable. A trip isn't the same when it's told over a beer, compared to re-living it over a beer. We always seem to laugh harder looking back...

To answer the question - yes.
fishing & hunting, for me, is about the pursuit of game. the lessons learned from "unfruitful" days is that I take back great memories regrdless of the catch. I try to sponge as much about the day as I can, makes it all that much richer.

To say "I caught a trout on a fly I tied myself" just can't convey everything I remember about that stream, fly, hatch, fish. But with some time I could tell you in great detail of all those elements and more from that trip.

I'm sure we've all got our own stories to tell, share 'em when you can & we all benefit - we're all memory factories.

enough "waxing pathetic" - back to work for me
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