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Information on spey rod?

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Does anyone have experience with a Daiwa Lochmor Z 3 piece 15' for 9-10 line? I just bought one.
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Kerry I have a couple Daiwa two handers that I like. I would classify Daiwa med-fast to slow however they are powerful. I have not cast the rod you spec'd but would suspect it is powerful.

Hi Kerry,

I'd suggest you ask Dana Sturn - his email is [email protected]

He's tested a lot of spey rods, including some Diawa rods.

You also might want to post your question on his board - there's an earlier thread called "Dana's Cool Site" that has the link.

Good Luck!

There are a few members from the UK that might chime in... as you know these rods were targeted for the European marketplace and are as common as 'merican brands out there.. in fact more so due to availability and price.

Dana is also a member of this discussion area so I suspect he may reply to this thread; but as Brian indicates Dana's Spey board is a bounty of Spey talk and info.

I'd love to check one out someday... none of those at the Boston area flyshow where I bought a booth to promote the Forum. It was my birthday present from my wife but I hope I can earn it back with a couple new web site customers from the booths around me while at the same time promoting the Forum. (BTW - if you know any business or organization who would like a very affordable web designer pls let me know).


The two-handed overhand rod in a stouter, shorter configuration is becoming popularized here in the northeast step by step. T&T's new DH1212-3 has been cast by a tremendous number of people, the concept has been in no insignificant degree been introduced and promoted by our membership right here in the forum. (In fact you can go back into the area's web boards and chronicle how the discussions went from humbug to curiosity to enthusiasm over the years). I am very curious to see how these shorter, faster two-handers affect the burgeoning coastal salmon fishery out there over the next couple of PNW years...


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