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Im Back and Spoiled :)

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Well I have been back from Sitka-home of the world's greatest salmon fishing, for a few days. I had a great time, saw some amazing wildlife and caught lots and lots of kings and silvers. We had a 47 pound 'nook to our boat one day and another boat anchored up about 50 yards to the west of us had a 67, another 50+ and were spooled by another.

Sadly though, the coho were never shallow enough to pursue with the bugrod. Every once in a while we would mark fish higher up at like 30-40 feet but in general we were hitting the fish in 100 to 200 feet of water. :( High pressure followed by calm seas put these fish down.

The humpies were everywhere and I had the perfect oppurtunity to throw my #5 at schools of thousands of them but after catching kings and coho all day, humpies were the last thing on my mind.

Now I have to go back to fishing...not catching. :)

I hear the SF Sky calling my name.

BTW-If anyone is intrested in some amazing saltwater salmon fishing, whether it be with the fly or traditional gear, let me know. Ill give 'ya the scoop.
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Ryan, I would be up for a drift on the south fork. My home number is 360-336-3156
Jetsled (Adrian right?)-
Im busy this week. A buddy of mine is showing me some of his walk in spots on the SF on Tuesday and I have promised him secrecey!!

Anyways, would next week work out for ya?? I am loking forward to floating this gem!!
It would probably work for me, I am free most of the time on my days off, give me a call--Brad
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