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I need some Trout help

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OK JJ here. I have volunteered to help my brother out by taking some of the partners in his CPA firm out for a day up here in the Seattle area on Saturday. No matter how great I made Steelheading sound they want to trout fish. I haven't really been out trout fishing in awhile. Where would you all recommend. I know the middle fork of the sno is flyfishing only but what sort of access do you have? I was thinking of the upper Yak too. Any other places. South Fork of the Sky I got a couple of nice trout out of them while steelheading a couple weeks ago. What about any sea run cutts any place. We will be wading. It has been a long time since I have really done any serious trout fishing. Any suggestions would be appreciated.



PS: My bro owes me big time for this one.
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Tough one Jeff, although I am in the same camp re: trout while fishing for steelhead.

Yak comes to mind, Lenore, etc. Spring creeks out over the pass, etc.

BUT... are the searuns in the lower Stilly yet? All the coastal rivers?

Here's what I'd do:

Don't go any lower than a 7 wt, tell him "the trout are really big around here". Go where the sedge are hatching, and say "man, we're gonna need to match the hatch". Tie on some big caddis skaters and say "man I just can't seem to prevent drag in this current".

Once you score a summer run he'll forget all about the trout }>

Seriously, float tubing out in Rosario? Searuns in Hood Canal is very different and unique, pick any river mouth on the inner canal - Hamma Hamma, Dosewalips, Dukabush, etc.

Upper Elwha! Nothing could be as good as that. That's where I'd go, but I would stop in the lower river to show him why we are so obsessed with 'those that go down to the sea'. Actually the lower Elwha will have big searun cutts, I landed them up to 21" in recent visits.

Fish the tail out of the orchard hole at dawn and dusk and you should have no problem hooking a steelhead while fishing for cutthroat.

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Take them to the Big D around Maupin. Trout for them, steelhead for you. You can rent rafts and get with the splash and giggle eye candy when the sun is on the water.

Sounds like Andre has handed the trifecta to you on a plate! }>
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