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How's 9-23 thru 9-30 lookin?

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I am going for my usual last-minute plan to swing flies for steel. I am thinking about the last week in September or thereabouts.

Any restrictions for you guys out there?

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Tyler! How tempting. I have seen some photos from Brian that tell a thousand words of the legend of the Thompson. Of course if I could cast half as far as you I'd feel a little more able on one of the mightiest rivers

I don't know how it would work out, leaving mid-week from work and returning mid-week, and I would be leaving on a different schedule than you guys so it might be a pain for anyone I'm riding with.

So tell me a fish tale, big BC chinook? Hooknoses? Wild summer steel?
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Kush -

Now that you mention it, I guess late September has it's pitfalls

I might be better off using vacation days I've actually accrued instead of days I need to borrow. Now that my precious days in the PNW are so few, I have been thinking about changing the venue to such legendary waters when I fly out.

Meanwhile, I would only swap out dates if my good friend Gregg Estey would be able to hook up with some of the hardcores while he is there in September. We were planning to split costs and run amok on all the steely streams in the state. I don't want to leave him high and dry while he's out in Seattle since he's taken extra days to fit in the fishing I instigated.

I'll look into this further... what would be the right week for the Thompson?
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