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How Was Dean This Year

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Being new to this board, I don't know whether I'm breaking protocol by asking about returns from a specific place--

If I'm not, if anyone has any idea of what the fishing was like on the Dean last year, please let me know.

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Hi Eric,

The run on the Dean this last year was average, maybe a bit above if you were on the river at the right time.

I'm friends with three separate parties that did the trip this last year and they all reported that the fish #s were good even if the average size was a bit smaller than in recent years. One guy reported playing and losing a fish that was 20lbs+, but that was it for really big fish. Most of the fish I heard about were really hard-fighting hens in the 10-15lb range.

The best days I heard reported were from one party where they each had multiple fish on the last day of their float. One guy hooked 6 and landed 4 (plus 2 kings), his friend hooked 5 and landed 2.

All three floated between the last week in August and the first two weeks of September. They all mentioned that there were days when the snowmelt discolored the water and made fishing drys impossible but that there were also days when they fished, and hooked up on, skaters and wakers.

BTW - I don't think anyone objects to questions about specific rivers hre. I'll certainly be asking if headed to a new river system!

Tight Lines!

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