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Hooked a fish yesterday.

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That makes me 2 for 8 on the year just can't seem to stay connected this year.
Anyway it was in a gin clear Columbia river tributary that is dam controlled. I saw at least a dozen other fish but this one was the only biter. It came up for a black muddler. kinda funny both of the fish that i landed were also the fish that i made the longest casts for. I really don't attribute that to anything just coincidence. Sometimes they just come unbuttoned.
I have had 3 break offs this year though which i find very disturbing. I have now quit using Maxima ultragreen and gone back to Chameleon.. I did a test on the knot strength of the Ultragreen and although it held it's strength undera continuous pull it had a 100% failure rate given a slight shock even the 25lb.... All the tests were preformed with properly tied blood knots and I just pulled on the line with my bare hands. I was told that Ultragreen deteriorates very quickly once exposed to ultraviolet rays. But i figure if I am still hooking fish on Chameleon then the fish don't care if there in a long brown string of the end of the fly they are gulping down...

So how is everyone else doing???
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How am I doing? Jeaulous of your hookups, that's how!!!!! My landing ratio is higher though, currently at 100%. The problem is my hook up to landing ratio is one to one ;-) The best advice I can give you is to dump the blood knot. Plainly stated it sucks! A double or triple surgeons is tons more reliable, both from a user error perspective (it's hard to tie one wrong), and from a knot strength perspective. Give it a try and see for yourself. The blood knot is the most overated, and one of the most difficult to tie knots out there. Not just my opinion, tests back that up. Check the tests on Maxima too... It ranks pretty far down on the list... The reason most folks can land a big fish on 8lb maxima is because it's really 12 lb test. The problem is compared to other 12 lb test lines it's not that great.
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