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holding water

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One of the luxuries (sorry easterners) this time of year affords is, in late out early days at office. A little river time to make sure the mind completes the remaining few days of the year in a peaceful state. I've spent a few hours on the local rivers these outing have held mixed results. A few solid fish have been hooked and landed, a few summer fish have been landed. It came to me today shortly after releasing another summer fish. One of my favorite walk in runs on a local river, I catch nothing but summer/fall fish in the winter. The question, have any of you noticed a difference in winter holding water for summer Vs winter fish? I've hooked and landed over a dozen steelhead from this run and they have all been darker fish. I'm a firm believe that all steelhead are not created equal, if this run holds the dogs of the steelhead world I'll need to move else where.

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Andre - yeah sure, rub it in

On the Green (King Co.) the summer fish hang out around the rocky pools in Geyser Park way into the spring even after spawning. Some of them are wild, and they get pretty voracious on their post-spawn period. When I got my bronco I started floating that stretch a lot and found that there were frequently summer fish holding thru that stretch in spring.

I remember on the Cow, many many fish hold along the inside of the bend looking downstream on the left bank - across from the landing. During summer, they like the boulders below the oxbow. In winter, they like the shoals above the oxbow. Like clockwork, past-prime fish stack up there in the late seasons.

The bogey down below Wilson's has a spot like that. It seems all the early fish back off down to this one long holding pool. I've caught very dark fish in February and March, one after the other and watched the boats go thru banging them too.

There's a pool on the Tolt where I landed four steelies in one winter afternoon where they all looked like summer fish.

I'd have to say that your observation has merit, there seem to be spots where long-term fish tend to like hanging out. Is there a creek mouth or other feature nearby?
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Upstream 3/4 mile from a creek. The thing about this run 500+ yards long and 100-130 yards wide. It includes mucho structure car size rocks, shoals, bowling ball bottom gradual inside seam, only to include a wide enormous tailout. I guess as long as I'm catching and hooking fish I should'nt bitch (as far as that goes even going outside).

Those early screamers, just got me completely stoked for some real thick shouldered winters. Without exception this has been a banner year for me on the steelhead and life!

I guess I'll have to do more research and try for a winter fish from that run, or now with the rivers dropping I might get a chance to hit SW WA again and fish something smaller.

peace out

Did you ever send off the Ostrich?

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dOh! Sorry, Xmas was at our place and that got me in thrash mode. It'll be on it's way soon. My 'example' was taken by a Skagit River rock after that bright spring fish latched on to it... but if I recall, you still have one? Blacksalmon would like to learn about it offline. Perhaps at one of the spring claves?

I wouldn't mind steelhead bum's contact info as well, I'd enjoy keeping in touch.

If I recall... you started this stellar year last spring:

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Photo Copyright April 2000 Andre Lorenz, All Rights Reserved</font><!--1-->
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Yes, I have one those things left. I emailed BS today regarding hooks on tubes I've been using with good results. I'm going to keep the hooking to land percentages through the winter. I don't have the contact info anymore as my old PDA died and couldn't hotsync. As you might recall no PC and no desire to PC (not a bad thing).
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