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Hey Roballen (or anyone)...

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This may sound strange, but does anyone know when I could reliably count on finding enough bugs in Ennis to photograph a big swarm around a porch light? Caddis would probably show up best, but anything in large numbers would be fine. Isn't there a "Mother's Day Hatch" or something like that? Any help would be appreciated.
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Mothers Day is right on. Seen Caddis so thick in the back eddies that you could see only the movement of fish feeding under the pile of bugs on the water. Any time from May on thru Mid August you will get a good photo of bugs, bugs and more bugs.
Have fun,
Its very true the Mothers day caddis hatch is the thickest hatch of the year but the weather in late April/early may can leave something to be desired and the hatch occurs better on the lower river with not as many caddis in the upper river in Ennis.
If you have a week to spend there you'd likely see some great fishing if you were going for just a day or two it would be a gamble as far as the weather goes.
Another time of year that is great for caddis flies is late July and the first week of August. The caddis arent as think as the early season but there are enough to be annoying and in the evenings breathing and eating often happen at once *L*
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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