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Just thought I would try to get a hold of you here--don't know if I have the wrong e-mail address or if something's screwed up or if your just too busy with those stripers to write back...Anyway, drop me an e-mail when you get a chance at [email protected] And since this is a bulletin board, my fishing report is that the local Puget Sound rivers that have hatchery fish are all putting out good numbers of summers, along with an early push of chromer kings. Water high and dirty today from heavy rain yesterday. I've been hitting a few fish on sinktips, and savoring the opportunity to fish my favorite spots--it was a long three months. The crowds have been nothing short of insane--guess there was a lot of pent-up fishing energy from the closure. The Sky has been a virtual parade of sleds. That's it for now.



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I had a feeling you were schnauzering the summer fish already! Sounds great, wish I were there.

Sorry about the long cycle times on emails, I am buried and falling behind. I could use some volunteers but it's my own fault I don't know how to ask!

In any case, yes we definitely need to talk - I'll do a search on my messages and we'll connect on the PNW destinations page etc. Normally I pick up the phone to break thru the logjam but that $200 monthly phone bill has got my wife a little miffed.

I also want to ask about the new Sage Spey rods you've been field testing. I am looking for something between my 10150-4 and my 7136-4, currently taken by an IMX 15' 4pc 8/9.
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