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Hey everyone new to this forum. Love to cast and swing flys with a spey rod. If I had to choose any other style of fly fishing hopper dropper is my second favorite. I work at a fly shop and absolutely love it and have been fishing for almost 3 years now.
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My other passion is Photography of the fish my buddies or I catch.

- Austin
Hello! Have you read, do you use a Spey fishing rod? I have a V-SPEY IM12. I really like this fishing rod. that's one of the most comfortable I've had. It just fit me perfectly, besides, there is no need to overpay for the brand of the product several times.

And most importantly, an excellent lightweight fishing rod for catching strong fish. Works with both SPEY cords and shooting heads. #8\9 (8th\9th grade). The rod is made of carbon fiber IM12 \ 40 t.E
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