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Great guy visiting needs help!

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Dear PNW hardcores -

A great guy I know, Ray Greco, is headed out to a wedding in Kirkland very soon and needs some guidance as to where he should fish. Boy, we all know the feeling!

I know the summer run action is heating up and he was also thinking trout. Is anyone available to show him around a little bit?

I'll ask him to post dates and such.

Ray is a great guy and I am sure he would love to return the favor on his spankin' new boat when (not if) you guys come out to striper country.

How about it?

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Thanks gang - I think I missed Ray. I left messages on his voicemail and sent email but I think it was too late. He'll probably be in better standing with his wife anyway

I know he brought a rod... an 8wt instead of his original intent to go with a trout rod; so my urgings to chase the kahuna, the grail, the ultimate trout... must have gotten through to him!

I'm coming out next... save a few risers for me!
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