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Got some killer speys today...

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Andre - those "classic intruder speys" are awesome. They will definitely bring out the beast in the sea-faring chrome torpedo trout. I will get them digitally imaged with the swap flies and get all of these killer steelie tube / loop eye flies up for our viewing pleasure.

I think I am only waiting on one entry before they get mailed out. I'll check the list and post later.
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I participated in a redd survey on a small coastal river on Saturday. We counted 51 redds and spotted 20 big steelhead. On of my duties included marking redds. We used hot pink tape tied around a rock or weighted object. I marked one redd, as the maker sunk to the bottom and enormous buck aggressively swam up and checked out my fluttering marker only to return to his holding water. What a rush as from above it appeared as he almost tracked the marker through the air.

OK I know I have said it before but I have the labels on the flies, in a box, have the shipping labels done. Fed ex will have them there on Saturday morning no excuses.

Juro, I just put my 6-pack in today's morning mail. Sorry for the delay, but I hope you can add these to the rest of those feathers and fur.

Jeff - I received your killer steelie flies yesterday! These flies just scream PNW steel. That color combination was particularly deadly up on the upper Mermaid stretch of the Stilly even in low summer flows (above the slide). I can tell that these flies are chromer candy for spring fishing too.

Nate - absolutely! Glad to have 'em. I'll do the swap as soon as yours arrive.

Thanks guys!
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