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Talk about a frustrating trip.

We had been bust'in bass for the last several evenings in the same hole where a rip would develope. As the evening wore on, large bass would appear from the depths and search this structure each night to satisfied their pallets. As each day progressed, the tide would climax closer to darkness. As each night past, the numbers of fish caught would dimenish. Adversely , the size of the bass had increased. Figuring that the new moon was approaching, Wednesday night would be the night for sure. So with a friend, my son, and I, we headed down the bay. Sure enough we were right.

Fishing was slow, till the tide picked up and the wind died down near 8:00 pm. We hooked
and landed our first fish. Then things started to get weird. Lost the next fish to a Tiemco hook failure. A 4/0 no less that broke before the bend. The next pops the hook on a nice run of a sizable fish. My son loses an even larger fish next. And to put the icing on the cake, my next hook up runs me into the rocks and snaps my fly line. For sure the biggest of the night.

We got our wish detecting where the trophy bass would be..... but we got more than we
could handle. Out smarted again. Now we know why some people call them rock fish.

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Those darn honey holes appear and disappear and appear again so quickly! I consider you very lucky to have a seasonal profession where you can watch each chapter unfold, day by day.

Great report Ray!
You're not the LoneRanger when it comes to Tiemco failures. They seems to be tempered very hard and are brittle. Whack them on a rock or bounce them off an engine cowling and strikes are missed because the working part of the hook is long gone...gotta' check the point now and then or you may be tossin' a teaser...Advantage, FISH!
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