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Yo Steelheaders,

Just a note to let you guys know, there are some fundraising activities developing in the Worldwide FF Forum discussion area. As grateful members we are trying to avoid having Juro eat the cost for FY 2001. If you already have an arrangement with Juro please disregard this message. Just wanted to make sure the word was out over here. Thanks.

Terry Weir
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Wow, since I made this post it's been 2 days and not a word spoken here. Did the mention of the "filthy lucre" scare everyone off?

Terry -

I think the folks out in steelhead country are involved with an important battle to enact C&R regulations for all wild steelhead... and then they're using whatever time is left over to partake in time on the streams before the spring closure.

As you can see from the wealth of steelhead content on our site, the contributions in expertise and stories (another that I just recently received from Eric Bigler, a folder of images from Brian, Andre's sponsoring of the Holy Grail trip, Tyler's hosting of the "Living Large" clave at the martini bar, etc)... in many ways I should be sponsoring them!

I'm sure our great friends in the northwest will help out in whatever way they can, as they always have. I'm still trying to get them out to Cape Cod to taste a little salt spray one of these days! I got Brian out once; Nate joined Bigcat and others on big girl bar... still working on Andre and Tony and...
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Well said. Got the point. I enjoy reading the Steelhead stories over here in spite of the fact that they are worlds away for many of us. It inspires me though to go to the Gaspe' or Nova Scotia for AS.

Hi All,

Sorry to be out of the loop. I am now back in McMurdo Station, Antarctica following 1900 km's of traversing across west antarctica.
Needless to say I have neither been fishing nor reading this forum. With luck and no mechanical failures, I will be flying 8.5hrs on a New York Air National Guard 109th ski-equipped LC-130 Hercules plane to Christchurch New Zealand tomorrow morning. I will be in NZ for about 2 months fishing.

Will catch up with you all after I return.


Tony Gades
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Tony -

Thanks for checking in en route between Antarctica and your thaw out session of two months fishing in New Zealand. I guess you're probably dreaming of gin clear waters and big trout by now. Godspeed, friend - and I look forward to sharing some summer steelhead water with you in the fall.

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