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Flyfishing for Trophy Steelhead (Wanted)

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Anyone have a copy of this video they dont mind parting with?? I am craving it way too much and someone swiped the shop's copy. :(
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Is this the 3M 3-part series w/ Lani Waller? That video is a unbelievable. That sequence of a bright BC monster rolling repeatedly on the waker is amazing, imagine catching that on film like that? His Deschutes sequence is amazing as well.
I used to rent it frequently in the off-season from Clearwater Angler in Auburn. They went out of business I think.

Maybe we start a Forum video library?

The King County Library has it for checkout. They used to even mail it to you but not sure they do now.

Washington's Library systems are truly marvels of public service. I thought the stained glass windows in some of them were a little over the top but since there were no state income taxes and judging by how valuable the libraries were to the children in our community out there (mine included), I didn't think twice about it.

Amazing that they have this video for rent!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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