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Flyfishing for Tarpon in Puerto Rico

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Puerto Rico is mostly known for it's fabulous beaches, the best rums, beutiful women, Salsa music and of course some of the best Blue Marlin fishing in the World. Now I would like to show you a well kept secret about Puerto Rico...The excellent tarpon fishing on a fly.

The fishing adventure takes place in the historical San Juan Bay between "El Morro Castle" and "Isla de Cabra" where the Spaniards protected this important bay from invaders and pirates more than 500 years ago. You will be able to see the old city of San Juan, the only enclosed city in this hemisphere. San Juan Bay is also home of the new millennium Regatta with hundreds of sailing ships coming from all over the world to celebrate the coming of the new millennium on May 2000.

You have the opportunity to fish the Rio Piedras River Delta. This river spills in to the San Juan Bay where the nutrients feeds the ecosystem and the top predators conglomerate to create a heaven for the Flyfishing enthusiasts.

The end of September brought about an explosion of Tarpon at the mouth of the San Juan Bay. On the 27th of September brought a man from California named Thomas kilfoil, an experienced fly fisherman. We were both eager to go out and release a few. That morning the weather was not cooperating. It was windy and breezy. I was not expecting much fishing that morning, boy was I wrong. At first the tarpon were nowhere to be found but at around 7:00 a.m. action erupted on groups of 5 to 8 fish fighting to get to tom's fly (popper). The tarpon were not huge but we saw some fish over 50 lbs.. By the end of the trip tom released 12 fish ranging from 10 to 25 lbs. It is always a pleasure to go out with a person with as much experience and love for the sport as tom. Good luck with the black bass in California!

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Rafa -

Welcome and thanks for the vivid description of your home waters. If you have any photos I'd be very happy to put them up! In fact with our cold weather coming I'm sure there will be a lot of dreaming about tarpon on a fly.

Please keep us up to date with the fishing in your region and I hope we can enjoy them with you soon. Also, if you ever visit the northeast we will be your hosts on some of the great fishing here!


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