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Before they get packed for hand delivery to Duggan, I thought I'd post some images of the prize flize from the first native of the millennium contest...

<center><font size="1">" border="0">
6 summer, 6 winter flies

[img]" border="0">
Spey flies

<img src="" border="0">
Bright and bold for deep and cold

<img src="
Surface wake or seductive swing for clear fall days</font><!--1-->

Maybe next year we could all chip in for the prize so the winner doesn't get stuck with just my junk!

Duggan - if some look familiar, Brian has "adopted" a few of my patterns like the rat, the prawn, the pupa, etc - and has done great things with them. Now I'll be copying his evolutions! It's sad that my own rate of experimentation and discovery in terms of fly patterns has come to a crawl after many years - largely due to a 3,000 mile relocation. I guess I should be thankful that during those intense years of steelheading I was fortunate enough to have the river reveal some of her secrets to me, in the form of giant searun trout and their connection to the subtleties of the river domain. I made every effort to personify these findings in my flies when I would get back to the vise. A small percentage of the time, I was even able to respond to the evidence! <img src="[/img]

Two summers ago I came up with a new topwater bug that put three steelhead on the line in less than four hours of fishing just before I returned to Boston. It's a blend of other designs, with a few unique twists aimed at the ubiquitous giant western sedge. I know coming up with a fly that works is no big deal, but the unique thing about this is that it was *after* I had moved to Boston. Made me feel like that part of me won't easily fade away. Geez I hope it's true!

Let's all extend a special congratulations to Duggan!
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I'll be thinking of being there too!

Then comes the summer fish, then the salmon, then the fall dry fly season, then it all starts over again!

I'll do the prawn and pupa patterns and post them. Thanks for asking!

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I appreciate the consideration and although it doesn't communicate in bits and bytes I was only joking as well. I'd blame east coast humor but I am in good company here
Serves me right to leave the region, but if ya gotta do it... you might as well have Cape Cod for "sulking" grounds.

Seriously, I wouldn't ever want to be left out of the happenings out there. I do dearly miss the steelheading but it's much much worse when I don't get to do it vicariously.

Staying in touch with friends and experiences in the PNW is one of the great benefits of having the web connection! KEEP 'em coming!

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