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fly swaps????

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I was curious if any of you organize flytrades on here. I'd be interested in a winterrun steelhead fly exchange. Not sure how you'd go about doing it. I've seen quite a few of them on other sites, only problem is they're exchanging trout flies. I only tie salmon/steelhead flies. Figured it'd be nice to do an exchange with some "special" tied flies. Not the norm you usually see (ie skunks, polar shrimps, etc).

Just a thought. Anyone interested? I've never organized one, but would be willing to try if anyone else is interested. Plus, it would be nice to get to know alot of you on here and also see your tying styles.
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One was organized last spring and just let me say, I recieved some of not only the most beautifuly tied flies but some very fishy and productive flies.
lets do it!!! I suggest we get all the people committed to doing it.. then everyone tie that many of one pattern. We all send them to someone who would volunteer to divide and send out the flies. Everyone would get an example of everyone else's work and we'd all end up with the same selection for fairness..
ok, let's do a swap

Since I suggested it I will try and organize this thing. How about this. We'll make this a winterrun steelhead fly exchange. Would everyone agree to an "original" fly exchange. I mean as in a fly of your creation. What Ii'll do is haave anyone interested in doiing this email me by November 31. At tha point Ii'll have an idea of how many will be doing the exchange and can let the rest of you know how maay flies you'll have to tie. I'll do the sorting and resendding.

Any other comments or suggestions???? I'm new to this so any help would be appreciated.
SH69 -

Great idea! Like Ryan mentioned we did one last year and the results are visible in the archive. I think you'll agree the images really let everyone appreciate people's tying skills in this community, so I'd like to get quality images that do justice to the efforts people invest.

Don't feel like you would have to do that part, I have an excellent scanner and a fair digital camera. The images you see in the archive were produced via scanner. The images in the Stripers and Coastal Gamefish archive were produced by Bob Pink Jr using a digital camera. So either works well.

If you don't have a way to get good shots of the flies we could have everyone send their flies to the Forum's post office box and I will send the packages in a large single box to your home address after the images are made.

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Would it be ok for a striper guy to join the swap.. I don't know the best flies for steelheading but I could tye some of the classics from a book.. If I could get one from each of you during the swap I could put the in a collection at CAC under a "FFF Steelhead Group".
John, absolutely get in on the swap. I'll come over with my steelie materials so you don't have to go raid the shelves at the fly shop... unless you want to of course!

Sounds great to me too! I've just recently found this board. I see some familiar monikers. I'll be trading tube flies.
instructions for those who want to do the swap

Ok, heres the game plan. If you want to do the swap, please email me and put on the subject of messagee "fly swap". That way I can get a good count of who really wants to do the swap. I'll be the fly central. I have access to a digital camera. I'll keep this open until abouut the 31st of Nov if tha's agreable to al of you. I can close deadline off next friday if you'd like. I figure thaat way we can get the ball rolling.

Ok, do you think we should include recipes with fliies? What I'll do iis when the deadlinne hits Ii'll email all of you who want to contribute and tel you how many flies you need to send andd my address. Once I get al the flies Ii'll sort them out and resend with names of fliies/recipies, and who tied them.

Any other ideas?????
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love to! What I'd also like to hear about are your 'not in the book' patterns that you've 'discovered.' Mine is a simple fly I call "The Body Bag." (obvious reference if you're not into catch and release). Simple, looks good and it's very effective.
SH69 -

I don't want to tell you how to run your swap but let me make suggestions if I may:


If you want we can get a count right here based on who signs up. If you'd rather have an email list, that's fine too but I think part of the enjoyment is to know who has signed up. While I understand why you want emails to manage a contact list easily (great idea!) taking it off line kind of disconnects us all from what's going on. We also use signup sheets a lot for conclaves. Give me the word and I will put one together for this swap that automatically emails you and updates the roster of participants at the same time!


We usually post the recipes on the steelhead fly archive board once the images are ready. This way people do not have to provide one with the fly, make copies, all that. Once the images are ready the recipe goes into the archive and everybody gets the recipe and sees the fly. I hope I made that clear, let me know if you don't get it.

email is: [email protected]

The usual approach:

1) swap is announced and participants are taken

There are two kinds of swaps: same number of people as flies sent, more people than flies sent. We usually swap with lots of people who each send some limited number (6 or so) of flies.

2) send the flies in with an extra for the meister (you)

It's like Christmas!

3) meister arranges for digital imaging / scanning

Take a look in the fly pattern archive. The images and recipes of people's flies are a big bonus and everyone, even those who aren't even signed up yet, will get to appreciate them for years to come.

4) after images are produced, the flies are randomly re-assigned and sent out to other swappers

I used to have my daughter pick the flies for each swapper so as to not introduce any of my logic into the mix.

5) images are sent to me electronically, I upload them to the server so they can be used in the recipe posts

6) I email cut-and-paste instructions to put your image into a fly recipe to every swap participant

7) the original tyer posts their recipe(s) with the provided image - for examples look at the beautiful work in the steelhead fly archive from the last swap

The recipes are in the words of the tyer and you can't get better than that when describing a fly.

Thanks for calling this swap, I look forward to participating. If you would like to discuss further, drop me an email with your phone# and I will give you a call.

In any case, this is FYI, it's your swap so call it anyway you wish but the end result should not leave out the recipes in the archive for others to enjoy. That would be a cryin' shame!

I'll help any way I can.

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sounds good to me

Ii'm perfectly fine with all your suggestions. I sent you an email with my number. We can keep this on the board so that all can see. Actually so far I've recieved no emails so far anyways.

Ii'd also like to say again to all those participating. It would be nice to have "originals" for patterns. It's okay if you send the classic winter flies (skunk/polar shrim/purple peril) Would like to see some different patterns thaat work. I'm probably going to send a hot little pattern I schmed up a couple years ago. Ppretty labor intensive (at least for me anyways) but works great. I'll probably start them pretty quickk so i don' have to buckle down andtie up a ton of them at last minute.
"69" Juro's on the mark, but think the 'no e mails' is a function of (the greater "we") don't know how to contact you by e mail. No one's ignoring your suggestion, just not the 'how to.'
Count me in i'll tie some up... let me know how many to tie and where i need to send them....

Didn't realize that my email wasn't viewable. I'm used to being on forums where you can click on a link to get address. If you want to email me for any reason you can get me at [email protected] .

Hey Juro, did you try calling me? Had a number on my caller ID I've never seen before. If it was you, you should've left a msg so I knew to call you back. I should be home in the evenings.

I particapated in the last swap and well I dont have alot of unique and productive patterns to add to the mix after the last swap.

So I was thinking of tying up some basic bugs on Waddington shanks since those are pretty obscure to alot of steelheaders.

I'm thinking though that the end of November as a deadline might be a little too soon...
About the swap

Hey Sparkey, I didn't mean I wanted flies by the end of the month. What I meant was that Ii wanted to make end of month deadline for participants. That way all tiers know how many flies to have ready. That way we can can haave an accurate count.

Make up whatever flies you'd like. I just figured it wouuld be nice to see fferent patterns. I'm debating still on what flie I'm goiig to tie.
Re: Oops

Steelheader69 said:
Didn't realize that my email wasn't viewable. I'm used to being on forums where you can click on a link to get address.
Jerry -

You make a good point about clicking... I guess we just use the profile button along the bottom of the post.

Thanks for meistering the swap!

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