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Looking at an old post from Jun 8, 2004
Here it is

I am in need of parts for a Browning 2167 fly reel. They were manufactured in the late 80's. The schematic on the box indicates that I need parts number 1 and 2. Part 2 is a black plastic knob/cap that is centered on the spool and adjusts the drag and Part 1 is the screw that holds it in place. Please let me know if you can refer me to a source for these parts. I can provide photos if that is helpful.

I am also in need of these two parts, but clueless about how to find them. This was a reel I bought in the 80's to fish for salmon on a New York trip. These parts fell of in the water for ever and the store I bought it at went out of business. The
drag still works with fingers, but I retired it to the top of my gun cabinet until today.

Ray Osborne
Bristol TN
[email protected]
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