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On Sunday morning I hit a "crowded puget sound" river. The rains of Saturday had raised and colored up the main stem a little, but a trib was pumping in some Mocha Java colored water. One of those super cool dirty water/clean water seams! With main stem fish on the move, trib fish following their noses, cover provided by the mudline and low light I figured fish city! Went through with a tip and a medium sized signal light. Nothing... Followed up with a tip and a big Brad's Brat. Nothing... Figured what the hey, I'm here and I don't have time to hit another spot, so I put on a floater and a size 4 skunk. Halfway down the run 34" of salty trout stopped the fly hard 3 or 4 feet after the fly swung into the muddy water. Really interesting fight too, cause the fish couldn't see me till he was about two feet away. I'd crank him in easily, he'd see me, say "oh sh**" and scream off about 5 times in a row before I finally managed to tail him. That's why steelheading is cool... Because you just never know...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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