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Fishing For Atlantic Salmons

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A friend of mine just emailed me from Norway where he was fishing the GALA or something river, for giant Atlantic Steelhead.

He has been having problems hooking them and kept losing them for years.

Than he remember something I had taught him while salt water fishing and applied it with the ol' fly rod.

He let the Atlantic take the fly and gave him a foot or two with it and BAM solid hook set from -ell!

Outta of the 5 fish caught that week 2 were his. Let's be thankful we don't live in Scandinavia...

Those SOBs in Iceland net all the fish from both sides. THEY NEED TO BUY THEM OUT.

Wonder how much that would cost?

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Years ago I called Orri Vigfussen to offer my respect and talk to him about the Greenland fishery he helped to buy out. I calculated the time zone differences and dialed the numbers.

Not sure who I was talking to but he did not understand English! Minor oversight. Expensive too.

In any case, it has been done before and it had an impact. As I am sure you know already the low populations don't help. Habitat for atlantics is a real issue, for instance in the northeastern US there is only a trace of the once healthy salmon population left after the industrial era. Most people find it beyond belief that salmon once thrived in Massachusetts, Maine, Connecticut, Vermont, etc.

The aquaculture threat is very real out there in the North Atlantic as well. We get angry when atlantics show up in the pacific streams but people in the north atlantic do too with the appearance of farm clones in their legendary salmon rivers.

On the fishing topic, I use the addage "wait until you feel the fish on the wrist to set the hook".
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Actually Juro,

My friend is an excellent fishermen, his first year in the states he caught 29 steelhead on a single handed rod, but it was a bumper crop year in 96 I think.

When we fished for Atlantics we'd wait for the pull but the fish came off, unlike steelhead. You have to give them the slack. The only reason why I got the one in Sweden because I was too wimpy (and a beginner) to wack it right away.

You should see the flies they tie there. Just beautiful and a total different color scheme than what we do.
Thanks, I hope I get to fish there someday to test out your advice!
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