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First Spring Native Steelhead Contest

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I've gone from never tying enough to having the same steelie flies in my Wheatley for two years. Therefore I present a challenge to existing (and additional) members from the PNW region...

I hereby offer 12 of my hand-tied steelhead "killer"
flies to the first person to capture, photograph and release a Millenium native steelhead starting now.

OK - so I am no Bob Veverka, but I do have some flies that have gone beyond "hunch" and into "consistent" if not "no peeking" during my nearly 20 years of steelheading experience.

All you got to do is sign up in FlyTalk and get lucky!
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I'll vouch for the beautiful way the flies are tied in that fly box ! I only wish I had a chance to drift those shrimp
patterns last fall.....on the Sol-Duc.

This spring on the Merrimack will just be a warm up for the 8wt. whatduyathink, West Coast fall 'clave?
Jay -

I will be visiting the PNW in late August / early September. Are you considering the trip? I'll be staying with Smitty on Vancouver Island for a few days and banging around all my favorite streams the remainder of the time.

Let me know,

I'm ready to lock in something for the fall in the PNW.
Let me know more about what your plans are and let's do something together. Much of the area that I am familiar with is off-limits now to fishing so it will take some investigation.

I would love to get enough pics and script to publish
something when we return that would help folks understand our passion around steelhead. The problem
will be to sort through the stuff we could collect and
put something succinct together....what do you think?
Well I don't know if the flies are up for grabs still or not but I beached a nice bright native buck this morning on the Skykomish. Fish hit a burnt orange 1/0 spider. Thought it was my friend the sucker at first as he didn't run just followed the line in after a scary soft take. Once my sinktip loop was into the guides, he decided he was hooked and moved out into the current and then just held with the occasional head shake. We repeated this in and out for 12-15 minutes and then he let me lead him to the shallow stuff, take a picture and a quick measure and then he cruised away. Measured out at 29" x 16". Not a big fish but hard as stone and strong. God I do love March!!!

Taking film in today, hope to post a picture on Monday.

Get that image in email and it's a sealed deal.

Vanna, show him what he's won... <images coming>

Hey next year we could do a hand engraved Wheatley box for a prize.

Yeah, Alright . OK . . . . . . . . Congratulations!

I'd really wanted to get out this morning, but felt a little guilty as the work load was piling up and two members of our team were already scheduled to be out.

So I decided to go to work, telling myself "There will be other days for fishing!" Then you had to go post that report! <G>

From now on it's SC**W WORK, I'm going STEELHEADING!!!!

You'll enjoy the flies - I don't know who Juro gets them from, but *somebody* that's very creative and adept with hair and feathers keeps him supplied with some pretty cool bugs. ;*)

See you on the water,

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Hey Tip,

Congrats on the first of spring!!!

I am forced to live through other on these boards and the work load is monumental. I'm looking to try and sneak out weekly and something comes up. I know I'll get to the Skagit the first week in April for a couple of days.

Congratulations. You are really going to like that box of flies !! I'll bet you have to sign a non-disclosure and patent rights agreement before you pick them up.
Sounds like a great spring in the PNW, keep us 'coasters' posted on how things are going.

Jay C.
Here the picture is. Sadly the adipose is not fully visable. I defer to the verdict of the judges.

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I hate seeing this thread die...Brian and Duggan, you need to keep after those PNW monsters.
Oh believe me Jay - these two schnauzers are just getting started. With the next seven weeks come some of the most glorious native steelhead fishing on the continent when you factor the legacy, the people and the fish of the north cascades, Columbia tribs and olympic peninsula.
Prize flize are just about ready to ship - Duggan thanks for the patience. 6 summer / 6 winter patterns.

I'll scan and post recipes before I send them this weekend.

I hope their arrival does justice to the pleasure of viewing that millenium mint edition chromer you caught, it was good fer me

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