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First Fly winter fish of the year

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Well I decided that I needed to get out to the Sky this weekend after last saturday having a nice pull down near Monroe last weekend. I decided to hit the upper river and a couple of new runs that different guys had mentioned (sometimes it pays to listen and write things down, too many steelheaders want to talk a lot I try to listen more then talk especially with the guys whom have been at it a lot longer then me). First run had a couple of guys fishing for chum so I hit an old favorite. Nothing so I headed up near Gold Bar and tied on a new fly. Water temp was 38 so I wasn't feeling to optimistic but decided to put the type 6 tip on and started fishing a nice run.

About 3/4 the way down pull pull fish on. One nice long run into the tail then ran right at me and then dogged it. 10 minutes later a beautiful 29" hatchery hen with just a nice red light rose streak. I had a couple of fish in the freezer from a gear trip to the Peninsula with Brian (Doublespey) on monday so I let her go. New run, new fly, first hatchery fish on the Sky, and great memories.

Remember it pays to listen to people whom know. I wouldn't have been on that run or fishing that fly with out listening.

Tight lines

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AWESOME! Jeff, there's something about a winter fish on a fly that defies description. Many won't chase them because the odds are stacked against the fly guy. Congrats and thanks for the report.

So, Doublespey was doing the double-corky, eh?
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As the guy who told Jeff about this run, the lesson I learned was to keep my mouth shut :) Seriously, way to go Jeff!!!! It is a very sweet run and now has proven that it holds both winter and summer fish.
So where to start ? ? ?

Jeff - CONGRATULATIONS on getting a winter fish on a fly. Landing a hatchery winter in 38 degree water is almost more impressive to me that getting a native in the spring. It's sure tough to get them to bite anything when it's that cold.

Duggan - I feel your pain! Nothing quite like sharing a good spot with a friend and then having them bang a fish there. Specially painful if you've fished it recently with no results. Just goes to show that (1) steelhead have an evil sense of humor and (2) no good deed goes unpunished!!

Juro - Yes, larder is now "stocked"!!

The shoulder's better too and I should be swinging a fly in a week or so. I'm hoping there's a winter fish or two out there on the Sky with my name on 'em!

And BTW, Sinktip - WHERE'S THAT RUN????? <g>
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