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Well I am sitting here writing my employees reviews think about all the steelhead that are in the river and how I should be fishing for them. To make it even worse work had told me no on my July vacation to fish and spend time with some old friends.

Lucky for me I said I need a vacation bad or I was going to quit and I now have next week off to go hit the North Umpqua. I know that Rob has been down there some and it was slow because of water temps but it just doesn't matter. I need to be on the river that I dream about all year long. I need to be on the river where my dad taught me to fly fish for steelhead. I need to be on the river that always produces stories that are told and retold amoungst the group of friends. I need to get my priorities back on fishing for a few days and off of work. I need to feel the water around my waders at Clay creek, swamp creek, mill run, Burnham, Tree, ledges, Camp water, Archie, The Bend, Elevation, etc.

5 work days, 1 saturday wedding and then I get to be on the river for 5 days. I think I need a vacation and some fishing.

Ok just rambling.


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Jeff -

Good to see you have your priorities straight }>

That's telling the little software company in Redmond that you can't push around a fisherman!

In today's times we need the redemption of a soothing stream and big shadows in the currents to keep things in perspective. Best of luck and please keep us posted on your trip.

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