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Eric's article

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Eric -

Awesome article. I'd imagine the Deschutes is coming into it's own about this time of year... would it make sense to target it last week in September? Which stretch would likely hold the most fish?

Any of you other hardcores interested in converging on Eric's homewater end of September?
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Thanks, Juro. Hope some of the information proves helpful.
Right now is really the cusp of the great fishing. For the past several years, the best Deschutes steelheading has been in September. The fish are moving past The Dalles dam at better than 2,000 per day, always a good sign, so the up-river migration is in full swing.

Best places now are anyplace you can get to. On the lower river, walk in to Wagenblast, Cottonwood (basalt breaks just below Colorado Rapid), Blackberry, Kloan. Fish down the Access Road to Macks Canyon. The fishing will start to get good above Shearars Falls now, too. Unfortunately, the best fishing along the road between Maupin and the Locked Gate is on the west bank of the river, so you need a small inflatable, or some other means of gaining access to that bank. There is some fishing on the east bank, particularly if you're willing to walk.

A September convergence is a possibility, although the Kalama is another good bet.

Cheers and Petri Dish,

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Let's get out and Hit the river if you have any time coming up. How was Alaska?


Great article! I make a yearly pilgramage to the Deschutes for redsides but never for steelies. Now I have to figure a way to fit in another fishing trip.

A friend hit the Kalama last Sunday and it was so crowded he turned the car around and fished the Cowlitz. Based on the available water, I'd recommend the crowded Deschutes over the crowded Kalama. A boat solves a good portion of the problem in either case.

As for the redsides, I too am a pilgrim with Duggan. Maybe we can squeeze a steelhead Deschutes trip in too...worst case being that we're in the doghouse together!

And by the way, fantastic article. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Your description of the runs and their unique nature is on the money. The doghouse is starting to look good...
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