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Dude, Its Raining :)

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Well the rain has began and it suppose to continue through the weekend. Woohoo!!!

From the reports I recieved the Bogey, from the Calawah down, has been pumping out fish the past few days. And guess where I am headed Sunday???

Thinking of fishing the Hoko sunday and seeing how I do and deciding where to go from there, whether I would like to float the Bogey from the Hatchery to Wilsons in the pontoon boat or risk my life on the Calawah :) or float the Hoh from the Park to Morgans or maybe give the Queets and Clearwater a shot. Oh the decisions, the insanity. :)

Juro, Brian or anyone that knows-
What does the water on the Upper Hoko look like?? Is it pocketwater, typical riffle-pool-tailout or canyanous water? Thanks!

...and its raining!!!!!
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RAIN - Bring It ON!! I'm headed north on Monday and can hardly wait to get on the water.

The upper Hoko is pockety canyon water that requires lots of hiking. If i were you and want to make the best use of your time, stop in the Quality Fly Shop in Port Angeles. They have (last time I was there) maps for a buck or two that indicate the logging roads to take to get access to the river. It's a lot tougher if you just guess.

I fished it a couple times many years ago and wasted a lot of time and effort trying to find access, etc. It's definitely not a drive-up fishery like the Elwah.

Juro - anything else??
The stretches I fished upper were very similar to Morse Creek... a little bit of everything and a lot of bushwacking! You walk with the rod pointed backwards through the narrow corridors made by elk and deer sometimes, and bring a compass unless you know exactly where you are. No Spey rods here.

The lower Hoko and Sekiu rivers off 112 are much easier to access and there are some holding pools that fish well with flies. Just drive up to the gate, park and walk upstream. Best fishing on the first pool is the far side and with low water you can cross. If rising forget that note.

For an obscure native steelhead experience I would probably opt for the open fork of the upper Calawah instead. You take the road across the street from the smokehouse restaurant at La Push road. It follows the mainstem up to the upper fork. Just above the fork there is some large pocket water where fish pull off like a rest stop on the steep incline. Very good spot. Normally I would not post it here

Upriver the access stops at a parking area where a trib enters. Good hole when low water, holds fish but good luck landing a good one - very similar to the Kalama fly water up top.

In between the limit and the fork - there is a stretch that is close to the road but usually hidden by a huge logpile. Park there and walk along the stream coming under the road thru the culvert to the water. There is a set of rapids on the left, a deep bouldery long-term holding pool in front of you, and a bar angling from your shore to the far shore below. After you fish the hole in front of you, cross (since it is low) on the bar and fish the trench below the bar. This hole is *killer*.

If really low, I would concentrate on the upper pool below the rapids, and the crossing will be easy.

Another option in low water is to 4x4 in the back way from LaPush road to the forks hole - backside. I suppose at these levels you could park at the hatchery and cross the Calawah. Anyway, the lower end of the pool will be free of people and with the right lines there are plenty of fish holding down there - albeit mostly hatchery.

I like the Bogey down below Wilson's this time of year. In the past there used to be a logjam hole and the river took a hard bend to the right below it. I took Doublespey to this hole recently and it's all different now... still fishy. But years ago this pool was a multi-fish hole every time I visited.

The lower Duc off LaPush road would be a good bet or new arrivals this time of year. Manuel showed me a few years back. Brian knows two access points worth looking at - and the low water is ideal for this stretch. We hit it when the river was rising and nearly got washed away. At low water it is very fishable and as remote as anywhere you would imagine. No boats either.

Timing is key - hitting 5th bridge at first light you'll beat the boat traffic. This is a consistent producer pool for me and easy as heck to reach.

I would imagine that in low flows the upper Hoh in the park would provide unusually easy access to steely lies. The water was a trickle last time I had my clock cleaned by a big native chromer with Doublespey up there.

My .02 - hit more fishable areas on the OP than the Hoko. I also wanted to learn the Hoko but with all the other "secret" spots out there I seldom got around to it.
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I do believe that the Calawah above the forks close at the end of Febuary.

Lets see what happens...I woke up this morning with a horrible soar throat and body aches. If tomorrow I feel worse I might put off the trip a couple days untill I am 100% but if I feel okay, Im leaving O'Dark-thirty Sunday morning. :)

Anyone want to join me??? I am flying solo on this one.
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