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Dominican Republic Fishing Opportunities??

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This may be a dumb question...I am going to the Dominican Republic in early December for a company Xmas party. Being in the Caribbean, I automatically assumed there would be flyfishing venues available. Unfortunately, I haven't found any information. Can anyone help me?
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Man - where do you work? }>

Things are pretty affordable down there I see. I think with such low prices I would hire this guy to take me around the inshore locations looking for something to hook...

Three big game charters (dorado on a fly?):
[#]Andres Boca Chica Club (809.685.4940)[#]Mundo Submarino (809.566.0340)[#]Santo Domingo Nautical Club (809.566.1684)

Villa Playa boasts that fishing with the local fishermen is FREE and shows a huge wahoo being hoisted by a young local (jump on the boat and let me cast!)

You can glean some related information from these pages:

It seems likely that while it tries to gain popularity as a tourist target, it offers a great bargain for the money. I've heard about the big game opportunities - sailfish, wahoo, etc.

I suspect you are looking for inshore species?
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Thanks for the information. It was very helpful. What I've found is that this destination is little-known to the fishing world. I'll have to be a bit adventurous this first trip and take a stab at hiring a boat to do as you suggested...just cruise around and look for something to hook.

I've got a lot of feelers out right now, hopefully one of them will pan out.

Thanks again,
All we ask is that you take lots of pictures and feed our angling adventure 'jones' when you get back! Looking forward to hearing all about it.

Just a reminder, if you decide to write an article about it and we publish it it's worth a fly line of your choice (up to $50). Not as good as winning the lottery but it's not too shabby for telling a fish story and I do the webpage for the story.

Besides, by Christmas those of us in the northern hemisphere are going to be ready for a good fish story. :)
Well, I've been lazy in getting back to you all about my fishing experience in the Dominican Republic.
First, let me say, Punta Cana (on the east end of the island) is a fantastic destination. Barcelo Bavaro Palace Resort is a first class operation. For the money, I don't think it can be beat. All-inclusive, booze, meals, restaurants, etc. can be had (including airfare for under $1000US per person, per week. I highly recommend going there.

As for the fishing action...well, let's just say that you won't find any flats fishing to speak of and everyone I talked to knew of no opportunities for bones, tarpon or permit. However, on my last day there, as I was headed to the lobby with my luggage, I bumped into a fellow with a flyrod. He said he had spent the early part of the morning fishing for small tarpon in the "lake" next to the golf course. My guess is that the "lake" was actually a brackish piece of water that manages to support tarpon. In any event, I never got a chance to through a fly at them, but I could have been fun if I'd known about it a little sooner.

The only fishing I heard about was a group of guys that went out on a charter for a half day. They came back with four dorado and some stories about the sea sickness problems they' had. The trip was supposed to be for white/blue marlin and sailfish too, but they didn't see any.

I was not able to get out with a local to explore the backwaters for other opportunities, as I did not have the time to do so. Maybe next time...

So, there you have it. My report on what the east end of the island of Punta Cana has to offer for fishing.

Next stop...Costa Rica in February.

Hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas and has a Happy New Year!
Ross Currier
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Reminds me of my old job ,with a Boston law firm where we had firm outings once a year to Bermuda... all expenses paid... unfortunatly I played only Golf then and passed up on the fishing.

I can relate to the Bermuda thing. Went their three times in 2000 for a week each time for business. Had one half day to choose between fishing and golf, decided on golf at Mid Ocean and do not regret it. Great course, never knew that Bermuda was so hilly, until you realize it is the top of an ancient volcano. There is a little flats fishing there for Bones but the really could fishing was Blue Water for the big ones, marlin, etc.... per my Bermuda friends. That was at least a grand for the boat for one day though. Glad I did the golf.

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