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Deschutes Summer Runs

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The upriver passage numbers on the Columbia are staggering. The steelhead counts at Bonneville look like shad numbers (were talking five figures per day here). More than 3,000 per day are climbing the ladders at The Dalles, so the Deschutes is getting a lot of fish.

Pressure, as you might expect with these kinds of numbers, is building, nevertheless, fishing from Macks Canyon down to the river mouth has been good to excellent. The White River is holding, although today's light rain may have caused some downstream staining.

It's best to avoid weekends and the power boat closure dates, as these tend to be the most crowded (Nobody works any more, right?)

It's going to be a great season,


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Eric -

In the event my fall schedule leans that way, would the Deschutes fishery be best in September or October? It certainly is tempting!

Glad to hear the steelhead are making such a strong showing.
Hey, Juro,

Fishing is probably best in September and October.

Let me know if you're thinking of swinging this far south and I'll see what I can set up.


Thank you! Likewise, I know the trip will involve the serious Straits of Juan De Fuca coho action I have known and loved over the years. If you are swingin' north let me know as well and you can share some of that hooknose savvy.

I have a friend from Cape Cod who is heading to the Deschutes about the same time. I might try to hook up with him to get down that way, I'll talk to him about it in the next few days.
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