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Deadman's Cay - early May?

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Anyone headed to Deadman's Cay early in the first half of next month? I've been made aware of a discount opportunity by one of our sponsors on this private island bonefish paradise
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I'm going on Saturday - will return on the 29th and will report how things are. The trip is booked through David Bendix of Bucanneer travel out of Sheridan Wyoming. We have contacted him and he had this to say (hope he doesn't mind posting this):

Fishing has been great there. I'd say that the best flies there are like
this (not necessarily in any order of priority):

Pink Puff
Apricot Charlie
Bonefish Special
McVay Gotcha (some minor modifications: wrap the entire shank of hook
eye-to-bend, with 3/0 pink, orange, or yellow thread. Cover that with
either crystal braid or 4 - 6 strands of krystal flash. Put a tiny tuft of
pink, orange, or yellow marabou on the tail. Coat the hook shank after
krystal flash or braid applied with clear fingernail polish. For wing, use
fly fur in pink, yellow, orange or light tan, with 4 to 6 strands of krystal
flash mixed in. Also, put two LONG - like 2 inches long - strands of
krystal flash on the tail. Mimics antennae of a shrimp. This fly is my

All flies should be size 6; some 4s. Make them fairly light weight. You'll
want a bit of weight like tiny lead eyes or bead chain to make the fly sink,
but you DO NOT want a heavy, splashy fly.

About weather conditions, they do have some wind. Nice thing about this
place is that the guides are skilled enough, and the layout of the area is
such, that you can easily position yourself to get whatever wind there is to
work WITH you instead of against.

You're gonna have a great trip. Leave a few for someone else....

David Bendix

My buddy Chris and his Dad went there last year and had a great time. It is a fishing destination, no nightlife, clubs, etc. Just fishing on the hard white sand flats, but I'm sure that is what you are looking for. Another friend used to rent a house on the island, and he liked to tie up some white and yellow Del Brown crab flies (dime and nickle size). They enjoyed it on Long Island enough to book multiple years.

I've read Randall Kaufmann's Bonefishing book and the months of April and May supposedly are very good in terms of weather, fishing, and species found. If you can swing it, and the discount is pretty good, then I'd recommend jumping on it. you might miss out on the start of the striper run, but from what everyone says - these bonefish are a blast. Good luck with your decision.

I will post some stuff upon my return. Just finished up another rod tonight - 4pc 8wt - can't wait to use it.

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Very cool Pete!!

If by chance you happen to stop by, say hello to Ginny Wellman. Please let her know we appreciate her supporting the Forum and the rest of us hope to come fish the waters of Little Deadman's Cay soon like you.

Enjoy and hope you have an awesome trip.

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