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Dana's cool Spey Site

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Jay - I remember you asking about Spey line configurations... I'd suggest keeping a close eye on this site <!--http--><a href="" target="_blank">Dana's Message Board</a><!--url-->

His site is a real resource for all things Spey. As a freind of Brian Lencho's and fellow river-dweller from the years when I was fortunate to practice Spey fishing on the same rivers - he and others are still living the rennaisance period that is steelhead flyfishing today. Check them out
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Interesting site. I need to do a little Olympic Peninsula
weather monitoring late next month. But maybe we should get a demo 6wt. to try on the Merrimack?
Although the big annoucement will be made in the next edition of the Forum, Sage is sponsoring us for the two-handed program. One of the test blanks is the new 6126 Spey and we'll have the opportunity to wrap it up straight before we tweak it. Perhaps a test on the atlantics is in order?

I know you and Diane really liked the 7136-4. I am curious to try the new rod.

How's the Spey hackle technique coming?

Yes, the Sage 7136-4 really is a beauty. Diane still talks about that rod and I have her picture that you took, using the 7wt, over my desk in the office. Now, I don't think any of the rods that I have tried are the "European" style, higher line speed rods(unless I missed something) But, with the 7wt. we talked about it being marginal for steelhead. Is the 6wt. a different style, is it touted as being the newer, stiffer European style versus the medium spey action of the 8150-4? What rationale makes that rod suitable for average size steelies? Or schoolies for that matter if there is a chance of something of real size grabbing the fly and taking off? I'm just trying to understand the rationale of the lighter weight model from Sage's perspective. Let me know what you think.

The spey stuff I'm going to tackle this weekend again.Bob V's pattern looks interesting, although I tend to think of spey flies as darker patterns for some reason. I have a new fly dryer prototype in the works too. We have 6 RPM motors here at work that get swapped out for being 'noisy'
but they still work real well for a long time.....

Lots going on....

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Jay - Hold that thought on the dryer. Sully, Terry, and others have constructed dryers. Maybe there's an opportunity to design and provide more than two-handed surf flyrods thru the forum...
If anyone's looking for a second-hand 9140-4, I saw a post about a great deal for a few available on <!--http--><a href="" target="_blank">Dana's Spey site</a><!--url--> yesterday. The 9140-4 is a traditional Spey action rod considered to be the meat and potatoes rod for years.
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