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Cotuit / Poppy

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For those that can get down this week, this SW - WSW wind has pushed some choppers in tight along Poppy & Cotuit. I was down there today cruising the flats and there were fish all over in 4 - 5' feet of water. Anyone who can 'yak over to Dead neck would have access to some very nice water.
Go get 'em!
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Thanks Bob - sounds like an early calimari caper situation... with wire!

We were able to get over to that water very easily during last year's "yakbone" clave in everything from canoes to kayaks, I even rowed over in my whitewater kickboat. Man that would be some excitement to shake off the winter blues with some spring blues!
Don't know if it was the radical wind shift ( or just my clumsiness ) but I had many refusals today with wire. They'd hit poppers and bangers on top but even that was sporadic. Fish seemed particulary spooky. Finally shifted to 20# flouro tippet and a 6" white squid for a pair of nice wrap-up 8# blues. ( Had to carefully watch them take it to try to keep the dentitia away from the tippet )
That's a good tip, I'll bring some heavy flouro along with the American Wire Co. Bangers in May! Gotta love it. I hope to start Friday eve on that stretch and fish Sat dawn closer to the clave grounds to get some scouting in before Mother's Day.
What time do you think you'll be there? I'm heading down that way for the 1st time in my yak. I should be there (hopefully) around 2PM. How do you get there?
Click THIS for a map of the area. The outlet just to the lower right is the head of Loop Beach, Oregon Beach south ward from there. The long skinny spit pointing up to enclose Popponesset Bay is the spit.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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