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Closing Dry Tortugas to Recreational fishing?

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I received notice from RFA that there are plans in the works to close the Dry tortugas to recreational fisherman. Perhaps it's time to send a letter to your congressman in protest. It's bad enough all the stories I've heard of being searched regularly at gunpoint by the Coasties or the Feds in their lost war on drugs. But to close down the area, 45 Square miles I'm told, seems quite extreme. Especially since the fishery appears to be recovering nicely after the gill net ban.

Anyone else have more info on this ill conceived plan?

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That seems ridiculous... what is the rationale?

Beautiful place, isn't that where you used to dive and mate on that charter boat?

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Hope to get responses from

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I brought this point to light in January, under Stripers - thread; Freed to Fish Act.

I was rather disappointed by the Forum's readers lack of concern - feeling that it won't ever impact their favorite fishing grounds so they didn't really care.

I have been following this myself and would be willing to share what I've learned with you.

Please feel free to e-mail me to discuss further.

hey Roop, sorry, I had never heard of the dry torugas so never even read the post. I'm not really sure why I read this post, but now I'll pay attention to the story... thanks for bringing it back up Greg. Tom D
Tom, no blood - no foul, right?

Sorry to sound like a sore sport but I believe that this is a perfect example of giving an inch and losing a mile.

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