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Bob Pink stayed over last night and we head out about 5 AM. Overcast and cold. Met Juro and Brendan O'Brien at the light house. Lot is half full with cars and the point has several spinners and fly guys. Juro and Bob wait contemplaiting if they should go or go somewhere else. Brendan and I head out and walk past the point.. fish there would be rare since it's end of the low and early incoming. Walk to the inner bowl where we see 5 or 6 spinners and continue on. Stop father up and it's about 6. Craig shows up ,he was on the point and I waved him to follow us. In short order was all hit as the flats begin to flood. First me with a schoolie ,then I get a good fat 25 incher then another . Brendan hits with the same. Craig hooks up but loses the first only to come up with a big fat 35 incher. I hit again but am wet wading and we head back around 7:30 but knowing that we are passing up on the best time. Fish were finning everywhere where we were at but to far out to cast two so as the tided flooded these babes would be for the taking. I leave with Brendan and Craig stays. I would of stayed if my teeth could stop chattering. Oh well. a good moning for such a short time.

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I followed after a number of false starts with Brendan and John fading off past the point. Stopped at the bowl to try a few swings and get the feel for the 20kts blowing over my right shoulder. Had one nice 26" fish take the deep sandeel and was once again amazed at how quickly they can adapt their coloration. This fish looked like a midsummer blondie!
Worked my way along the outside beach with the wind in my face, forced myself to try to practice casting right into the teeth of that wind. Finally got to a sort of sidewinder delivery that penetrated pretty well. Went to the bar near the second cairn and found some smaller fish waiting in the hole alongside, watched others racing along under the curls of the waves but I couldn't get the mix correct to get their interest.
Over the dunes to the inside to find a foursome working the edges. Much nicer although wet as the rains began in earnest. After flogging the inside for two hours without a sniff I trecked back to the light. ( Although I'm now engaged to a number of horseshoe crabs, well they told me it was 'special' ! )
Met doogue and Jeff Borkowski (sp?) at the parking lot as they arrived to check options for midmorning.
Stopped at Bass River on the way home thinking it would be worth a try but the tide was still incoming and looked like it had a ways to go. Great watching the windsurfers though!
Thanks again to the CAC for a bunk last night!
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