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Chatham MA. Wade Fly Flats - Wish you were here!

6/4 Report
Today was a day for taking a lllloooooooonnnnnngggggggg walk to escape the crowds? We were rewarded with almost non-stop Bass
and Blues on the flats. I would guess conservatively that we saw no less than 2,000 fish. All were swimming high and happy. This is a
term we use for fish that are on the surface and normally on the bite. With bright sun over head and warmer water these fish were not
shy and feasted on our flies all day. A friend saw over 600 in the surf and his eyesight isn't even that good. They call days like today
"Ray Charles days", even Ray could catch a fish. Or "Flats Salad Days". At one point we had fish in front, behind and on either side. Just
cast anywhere I "politely" yelled. Today would not of been so successful if all 3 of my guests had not acquired the proficiency and skill
level of being able to throw it 60 plus feet into a 15 knot wind to hit the target. (I take no credit) The hardest part today was when I would
call out 12 o'clock and the wind would blow their casts to 11 o'clock, which was behind the fish.

Don turned 78 today and Id have to say this was one heck of a B-day. Don was an expert at throwing a line into the wind. His technique
was to water haul on each cast several times to get it out there 60 feet. The funny part was I had to keep yelling at him to not do it on top
of the fish's head's as they swam by us in 2 feet of water. (he-he)

( See Photo's - - Fishing Reports )

Don, John and Oliver enjoyed an outstanding "Day For KINGS" with numerous hook-ups while sight fishing. Congrats!

What will tomorrow bring? If it's half as good as today, Ill be very happy.

6/3 Report
The weather man gave us sun, little wind and lots of fog today. Saw a few fish on the flats but sighting them was very difficult. The surf
was unfishable and with the heavy fog it left us blind casting all day. The water temperature was at 55 degrees. (Almost to cold) . Both of
my guests today learned the double haul, some new water to come back and fish on their own and also some additional tips and tricks of
the trade. The fishing today was surprisingly over all slow with intermittent flurries of activity as schools of fish passed us by. Like I
always say, it sure beats a sharp stick in the eye.

Stay tuned for more daily reports all week.

( See Photo's)

Bob and George had to work for'em today, but were rewarded with a couple keepers, Blues and a number of schoolies.

Hopeing all your door knobs smell of fish,

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