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Chatham MA. Wade Fly Flats - Wish you were here!

Canceled due to extra bad weather.

Flats Shark on the fly
Attached is a photo showing a new sport I'm working on. It's kind of a cross between Survivor and a WWF Cage Match. We are
wading the flats (2-3 feet of water) about a 1/4 mile out from the beach. Ton of sharks all over the place from 3-6 feet. Fishing the
10WT and 12WT with flashy baitfish patterns on the Mustad C71S SS (Circle Streamer). Nearly every fish I saw and casted to ate the
fly. Now, the adventure comes after the fight, when the shark is swimming around your legs and is quite ill-tempered. Thank goodness
for that 9FT rod. Eventually after some strategic maneuvering I grab the tail and lift the shark up, out of the water as much as possible
(be sure to hold it WAY out away from you). Now, after the shark realizes that it just can't quite wrap around and
remove your hand at the wrist it comes to the conclusion that it just may be able to remove a couple ribs (getting more interesting now).
After more maneuvering and jostling for position the shark was tired and could be CAREFULLY lowered back into the water where the
other hand could then grab the critter behind the gills. The fly rod is then released into the drink and both hands are firmly (hopefully) on
the shark. A quick hook removal (by a bystander) or cutting of the leader, a farewell kiss and then the release. NOTE: Give the shark a
light toss out away from you on the release as a very angry shark is not a good shark to have in the water right next to you. You have
won the game if you still have all your finger and toes and suffer from no major lacerations. I caught and released 6 or 7 this day
(5/12/01) without a scratch and managed about 30 nice redfish as well.

( See Photo's - - Fishing Reports )

This was a report sent to me by my good friend Jeff Piece of Mustad Hooks. He was fishing Chandeleur Islands off Louisiana.

6/1 Report
Les and I sighted about 350 fish today on the flats with ideal sun and lil wind. We only had one problem, they would not eat! We went
through 5 of my top producing flies and all received looks and follows but no takers. Finally I put on a July, Aug. fly that Les had tied up
for me and bingo, the below 28 inch fish ate it but good! The next fish did too. Then it was off to do a little blind casting in an area that
produces fish on all tides. They were there and eager to eat Les's perfectly cast fly. One keeper and several that were close were landed
with a host of other aggressive Bass and Blues. Today the fish on the flats acted more like August fish. The 2 reasons I would guess as to
why they were very fussy was cold water temperature's and angler pressure (standing where the fish live and travel). Neither of which
create a hardy appetite.

( See Photo's)

Les with his first ever flats, sighted fish. This one finally came after casting to about 100 other sighted fish through out the day. Boy, you
would think for a fish that has the brain the size of a pea they would be a little easier to catch! Nice 28 incher released for future
generations. Congrats!

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