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Scheduled day off. Will be speaking at the Connecticut/Rhode Island Coastal fly fishers meeting this evening.

Hey Randy,
Question for you! Last Sat. I was fly fishing the mouth of the CT river. I was wading in about 3.5ft of water. The real shocker is that I
saw a shark in 3.5-4' of water. It was 4-5' long. It was not a sand shark. I think it was a blue shark. Needless to say I am a bit spooked
about wading now. Have you had any similar experiences? Should I be concerned?

Hi Mark,
Ive seen a few anglers get attacked by sharks if they are wearing green or brown waders. I think the sharks think they are seals.
Its a pretty ugly site, but it only hurts for a short time until its all over.
Im just kidding! Not sure what you saw, Ive seen sand sharks. Sometimes I think they come into the warmer water to spawn? Or
look for food. When I used to fish at night I used to get a lil spooky, but I honestly feel they are more afraid of you and you have
nothing to worry about. Ive heard stories of anglers wading deep and tying the fish they catch to a belt on their waist. This I
would not do especially at night.

5/30 Report
The last time I saw Bob was on the Salmon River, NY. in FEB. during a blizzard. We had to cancel the trip due to the weather, but Bob
and his 2 sons were eager to wet a line. I took them to the spot, set them up and gave them a few words of instruction. In the next hour
they hooked up 6 Steelhead!

Today we enjoyed sunny skies, lil wind and then 30 knot winds, rain and hail to end the day. As we stepped onto the flat this morning we
were seeing fish. One school had about 75 fish in it and looked like a dark storm cloud moving down the beach. Most of the morning was
spent working with Bob on casting. By late morning he was even surprising himself on the distance he was achieving. At one point he
looked at me with a look of disbelief. All 60 feet of line went out to make a picture perfect cast. Major points covered were correct rod
positions for false casting and shooting, correct size of loop, line hand timing, timing on when to execute the forward and back cast, power
stroke, not breaking the wrist. The only time we were not hooking up was at dead low. The rest of the time it was slow to non-stop.
Several other gentlemen were fishing the same area and all were hooking up. We had doubles and triples at several different times.
Mostly Blues today in the 6-10 pound range. I threw squid in orange, pink with out a touch. As soon as we threw anything with white with
a slender profile it produced on Blues and Bass. Sand lances were being picked up by the terns in good numbers. Bluefish working bait

Bob was pretty good for an ol' fart! (he-he)

( See Photo's - - Fishing Reports )
Bob with a Blue and 30 inch Cape Cod Keep'a Bass. Congrats!

Until the next fish bites,

Randy "The ladder man" Jones
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