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Chatham Light/27th

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Up at 4:30 this morning and got ready to go out except as I was about to leave could hear distant rumbling and the Thunderstorm hit here about 5 AM so I stayed in. Left about 5:30 AM when it broke and the light was deserted except for a few cars so I headed To Bridge Street and picked up about a Dozen schoolies and headed home. Juro called as I arrived and said he was at the light. So I took another ride and met The Guy from Australia and his buddy (don't remember his name,but we had met yesterday with Juro) and they were just coming back from the point and had picked up 9 fish, two were old fashioned Keepers. I was getting ready to head out in the fog to meet Juro when another storm hit..lightning.. the works. Stayed in the car and as the fog lifted I could see Juro at the point. It was ( am and I had to head back since the Kids were at home and probably just getting up... Will try Bridge Street again with my son this afternoon, and was going to go back to Boston Today... But I have GOT to give the point another try tomorrow morning and then head back around noon... I am sure Juro will have and interesting report.
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Took a ride back to the light with my son and Daughter just to see what was going on and maybe just do a little casting with my daughter while my son did his own.. The point was packed counting maybe ten anglers there. I bumped into Bob Pink who had a marathon day in the upper Bath tub as well as landing a 36 " plus as he showed me the length with his rod. I will let him do any report. Anyway I saw Juro's Truck and suspected he was at the Point with Todd Murphy. I will be back there tomorow morning. Hope to report some success.
John -

I. too, had a great morning of fishing on 5/27. I was west of you in Pleasant Bay from 7AM-11:30AM. Many fish in the <20" range, several of 20"+, and four between 28" and 33". A wonderful few hours.

- Brendan
Brendan, I'll say that was good result for you. I have been told plasant Bay has been hot lately... It looks like the Stripers in pleasant By don't all head out to sea via the Chatham Light.
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