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Chatham, a full week

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Just thought I'd mention that I've finished tying up my yearly supply of streamers for my upcoming, 17th annual memorial day/week stay (5/26 thru 62) in Chatham (adjacent to the lighthouse). I will be flogging the water every morning from just before 1st light until around 8 or 9 AM. Evenings too for that matter. Hopefully I run into some of you regulars so that I can at least say hello and put some faces with your posts.

I would loved to have gotten down for the conclave, but I'm from Saratoga and cannot make the journey every time I want to... Was just there in the middle of April and I got to check out a couple of new spots to try on the outgoing tide over in Brewster. Trouble is, so many places to fish... so little time. I gotta get out in the kayak near Fort Hill too, great spot!

At any rate, I'm looking forward to possibly meeting some of you people, but if that doesn't happen, I will be posting a detailed report on the great fishing week I expect to experience. That's really possitive thinking, huh?
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Flyflicker - you can COUNT on hooking up with us during the holiday weekend. Send email to me, striblue, Adrian, Bill etc - anyone who is trying to get the early shuttle this weekend. We'll be around! Fishing should be outstanding.

See you this weekend!
I will be at the light house each morning starting at about 4:30 am till about 8 . then to the shuttle for about one and one half hour at south beach or North Monomoy... That is my usual trail. Will be scouting new holes we found last weekend.
Let me know how that new channel we found pans out. I think that may be the place to be when the tide moves.

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