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Can we meet quota on Saturday or Sunday?

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For a 7am Rip Ryder shuttle? Reply here if you can do it. I have faith that the conditions of this past weekend will be done with by the weekend and the last two weekends provide evidence that things will be favorable.
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That sounds very tempting! Looking at the Nooa charts we also have a minus tide next week-end! I could probably swing a trip up on Sunday.
Great idea. I'm in if it's Sunday. Can't do Saturday.

Bill S :-D

Definete Maybe. Weather permitting I really want to get out there in my boat but this may be easier on Saturday morning as I have yet to ready the boat.
Lefty (05-21-2001 01:44 p.m.): :-D


Terry -

I am lookin' at Thursday, 5am... can you make it?
Aw, I was looking at wed in the drizzle. The lousy weather is returning too, but that doesn't bother me. I'm watching the weather and will decide.

Juro, I might be able to make a 5am PI trip on Thursday, but I can't make Monomoy this weekend.

Dave and I fished Monomoy again on sunday, and did very well, I'll post a full report tomorrow when i have more time, but I got a bass and a blue in the high 30" range; the bass came out of a pod on the flats and the blue was cruising through a channel on the top. The bass were thick on the flats in the morning(rising tide)


(the spell check is great, but it's no substitute for a good proofread)
Juro, As far as I can tell I will be on the Cape at some point on the weekend and may make a Sunday Shuttle trip to Monomoy.. MattB and Dave... let me know how you do with the Harry K's Rat's ass fly... the Chartreuse one.
Not this weekend, but for sure next WE, GOOD LUCK !
Juro, I'm in for Sunday.

Hopefully PI Saturday A.M. as well with Doogue.

What's the quota number? Do we need 10, as in 10x$10?

If it's a $$ thing I don't mind shelling out extra to make up the shortfall.
Yes, that's the case. If we can talk Keith into a two hour advancement it would be worth double to me as well.
Ditto covering shortfall on a Sunday trip.
If I could find a small patch of floor space on which to spend the night I could do SAT and SUN...

What a crew that would be! You guys are making me jealous. There is a glimmer of hope that I will be able to join you guys on Sunday. If the weather is nice I may be able to convince Kirsten to tag along with me and learn what it feels like to hook a cow. She has only caught 1 striper on the flyrod (the only fish she ever caught). She caught it with a fly that she tied too.

Ahh, she just pointed out that that fish got away at her feet. I was giving her the benefit of the doubt. Even more reason to get her to come out this Sunday. I doubt it will happen but I will keep my fingers crossed. She just will not want to do all of that driving on Sunday. My Dad might make the trip too but he will confirm later in the week.

I have a feeling that this weekend's trip wil produce lots of fish. Hell, it is a given if Borkowski goes and I do not.

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Now that the Doogues have sorted out which handle belongs to which Doogue it sounds like at least one of them is up for this coming week end. It would be great to fish with you again Jim! That goes for all the Doogues - looking forward to meeting middle Doogue soon and a belated thanks for the clave libations.

If it's going to happen, my plan is to leave CT at 01:30 a.m. Sunday which should put me in Chatham around 05:30.

From the above interest it sounds like a go if Keith is o.k. with the early departure. I hope so, this looks like the best tide of the month and there are precious few of those during the season!
Sunday is better for me as well afterall, glad we're on the same wavelength. I'll make the call to Rip Ryder.
I am in for Sunday . Will fish the light house first and then meet at te causeway. I will be looking for anyone at the light house first.
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