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Buzzard's Bay 6/18

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Went out with Capt. Joe LeClair yesterday for a rare (at least for me so far this season) day of fishing. We left the ramp at Marion and headed south, followed by a strong NW that made the trip a little damp. Things got much more enjoyable on the lee side of the Elizabeths, and we started to see fish pretty quickly.

Largest fish of the day for me was just shy of 19 lbs, which hammered a 4” squid fly fished deep on LC-13. Joe picked up one that was almost its twin on a 7" herring imitation, also fairly deep. The fishes' choice of flies was pretty interesting, since the only visible bait all day were a few schools of juvenile sand eels, maybe 3" or so.

All in all, it was a great day- both the weather and the fish cooperated (saw loads of fish cruising around cruising for something to munch on), allowing me lose that clenched-teeth feeling I've had for the past few weeks while trapped at a desk reading all the posts from of you guys hanging out in Chatham..... ;)
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Nice to hear from you again Marvin. Sounds like you had a good day. Way to go, 19 lbs, that must have taken you deep into the backing.
Hi Marvin!

I was just looking at some Rip Trip pictures of you yesterday, I'm ready for more of that action. Sounds like you aren't getting out too often, but you got out there with Joe so you used your hall pass well! Those sounded like some chunky bass and he's a great guy. Pictures are welcome ;-)

I did not buy that auction rod but thanks for the recommendation just the same. I will buy the 1090-4 VPS travel one of these days soon but just can't swing it right now although you gave me the best shot at saving money and I appreciate it.

Take care and I hope we can hook up again soon,
I am SO ready for another rip trip- or two, or three...... Please get in touch with me BEFORE scheduling it so I can clear things at my end ;)

I'll send you a pic as soon as I get the film back- just gotta wave a print in front of my disbelieving kids first (can you believe it- such disrespect immediately following Father's day?)
Hey Marvin, Good to hear you are scouting out the area that I promised you a trip trade. No, I haven't forgotten! How is the certification studies comming? I've only been out in my own boat once this season fishing, 5 legals on trolled herring, (what a boring way to fish ), out with a friend to Wasque Shoals, BINGO first two legals on the fly, now were talking.
Well, it looks like neither of my kids little league teams is going to go too far into the plyoffs this year ,so another two weeks and I'm free! Looking forward to our trips, Maybe I'll meet you at a rip trip before we hook up.
Good Luck and Tight Lines!
Brian Casey
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