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Burkheimers ?

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Sounds like some of the guys down in the SW part of state know a lot about Burkheimer rods. I've only looked at one spey rod a guy was fishing on the Sky and need I say any more than it was just the most beautiful rod I've ever layed my eyes on. I don't spey cast but would be interested in an 8wt single hander. From what I hear the blanks are custom made and designed in Washougal. Love my Winston BL5 for summer fish because it's soft and cast effortlessly a double tappered floating line. Are the Burkheimers similar in their softness? Would love to own one one of these days, I bet they are expensive but that's ok you get what you pay for.
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Kerry designes and builds all of his own rods. I have not cast any of his 8wts. He does not have what you would call a production rod. He can pretty much build anything you want. Your best bet would be to call or e-mail him with a description of what you'd be interested in. However be prepared to wait. Kerry is busier than you could possibly imagine. If you can afford to wait for a higher quality rod the Burkheimer is for you. If you need it right away buy a sage.
Like i said i have not cast any single handed 8wts of his but every rod of his i have cast absolutely blows the doors off of like rods of other manufacturers. He can build you a rod to fit about any action you would like.
Roballen is not kidding when he says be prepared to wait, I am still waiting for the rod sleeve for a rod that I ordered from Kerry last fall. I like the rod, but don't know if it was worth all the effort to try to get
Jet sled what do you mean by a rod sleeve?? as in a rod sock??? If so what rod did you get? I'll see if we have one
sock is what I meant, it is for a 15'8" 10 weight.
Well yes the waiting thing is true. I have been waiting for my 13' 8wt that was dropped off at Kerry's shop in early March.

Thanks so much for the info,
Sounds like Kerry is real busy or maybe just testing out his beautiful goods that he designs and manufactures. Would love an address & a phone # for Burkheimer if anyone has it.
Thanks Rob for conveying the long wait. I have some time before I'll order one, still have a lot of finish work restoring my old Rhodes Chesapeake sloop. I thought fly fishing was expensive try a complete restoration on a 32 foot sail boat. As for the Sage rod idea I'll take my Winstons till I get a Burkheimer.
2001 b street
Washougal WA, 98671

(360) 835-1420

Andre.. The reason your butt section was not finished a long time ago is because the graohite was back ordered and the graphite manufacturer lost the order. We have the graphite now and are making arts as fast as humanly possible.
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