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The activity in the harbor really picked up a notch today. Tom Keer, hosting from hosting Dave Cole from Marblehead, found the bass feeding on silversides and mackerel at first light in the main channel of the inner harbor. Fishing a Ray’s fly dropper/ chartreuse flat-wing Half & Half combination, accounted for numerous double hook-ups on bass up to 27 inches. The surface activity continued into Dorchester Bay.

Meanwhile, in the outer harbor and Quincy Bay the blitz was on as a mixed school of school-sized and “keeper” bass were coursing through the schools of mackerel. B-Fast’s BAY-FLY, finding the feeding stripers in the same locale as yesterday, had angler Bill Barnett of St. Louis, MO hooked into keeper bass immediately. The stripers slammed gray/white and blue/white Half and Halfs on 400 grain Depth-Charge line. Before the morning foray was over, Capt. Tom Hickie had released four keepers of 29, 32, 30 and 38” for client Barnett. The biggest bass going 18 pounds. Tom Keer on the LIZA B, still fishing the dropper, had Dave Cole into doubles of “schoolie” bass as well as a 17 pound, 36’ striper and another at 30” and 8 pounds. However, Dave’s best fish of the day came off the rocky ledges of Brewsters. The 38”, 20 pound linesider took an 8 inch herring/deceiver pattern. Eddie on TIN BOAT, reported finding schools of keeper bass crashing the mackerel schools outside the Harbor and along the South Shore to Cohasset yesterday afternoon.

Capt. Rusty Barry on the OWLER had his client into the bluefish in Duxbury Bay. The 16 to 24” blues were taking both surface and subsurface presentations. Both rubber-baits and flies were readily taken by the 3 to 6 pound bluefish.

Capt. Mike Bartlett
B-Fast Charters
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