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Minot’s ledge, off Cohasset, produced two big bass, 40 and 41”, for Capt. Pete Flaherty on Friday prior to the front passage. Both fish were lean, 23 and 24 pounds respectively. Tom Keer of Boston, MA has been the fishing the Outer Harbor Islands on this week’s morning incoming tide finding good numbers of bass between 20 and 27”. Fishing a two-fly presentation consisting of a Ray’s fly on the surgeon’s knot dropper followed by a Kenny Abraham’s flat-wing herring pattern, on a Depth-Charge line, accounted for the stripers as well as numerous harbor pollock and a few mackerel as well.

Today, Jeff Hughes of Waltam, MA fished on B-Fast’s BAY FLY with Capt. Tom Hickie. Jeff has fished for gamefish all over the world, recently re-locating to New England. His previous experience with stripers has been with landlocked bass from the south up to 40 pounds. Capt. Tom found breaking fish working silversides in Quincy Bay on the last part of the ebbing-tide. Gray Half & Half’s and Olive Half & Half’s worked best on fly tackle. On light-spinning gear, 4 in. Fin-S rubber baits in Rainbow trout or alewife using a 3/8 oz. jig-head matched the bait well. Jeff accounted for a good number of bass between 20 and 26”, as well as four keepers in the 29” class, while fishing through the slack into the first hour of the flood.

Schools of mackerel have been on the surface in both the inner and outer harbor as well as off the ledges off Cohasset this week. Tube and worm trollers have been taking keeper bass to 34” on Minot’s Ledge the first part of the week.

Capt. Mike Bartlett
B-Fast Charters
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