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BOSTON HARBOR & SOUTH SHORE – Stripers 6/12/01

An excellent weather pattern with calm winds predominated the region through the weekend. On Saturday’s softer early-morning out-going tide, the stripers showed first in Quincy Bay feeding on silversides. Eric Shimpf and friend from Boston, MA were into the surface feeding bass on the first drift. Gray and white Half & Half’s on 400 grain Depth-Charge line, seemed to produce best on stripers up to 27 inches. The surface activity continued from first light to about 7:00 am. With the tide now down, we targeted the pocket- water and structure the outer-harbor islands and Minot’s ledge afford. The results were best on the ledges off Cohasset. Changing to Dan Blanton’s SAR-MUL-MAC pattern in size 4/0, which is a good imitator pattern for the indigenous mackerel, both anglers pulled two of the best bass of the day out of the wash. We watched the first lineside actually follow and take the presentation at boat-side---another instance where keeping the fly moving right to the boat and even twitching the rod tip, which pulses the pattern’s tinsel and krystal-flash, elicits the strike response.

Sunday was another picture perfect day. B-Fast’s BAY-FLY had an early morning pick-up at Rowe’s Wharf. Kyle Shannon from Brooklyn, NY and friends, attending a business convention in Boston, fished the inner-harbor island ledges on the ebb tide both Sunday and Tuesday. At first light, Kyle hooked into a 33” keeper using one of Capt. Tom’s Chartreuse Half &Halfs. Meanwhile, I brought Dr. Jon Gertler and son Charles from Weston, MA up the coast to the harbor on the B-FAST. The bass were up and down early in Quincy Bay. However, a school in Dorchester Bay did stay up long enough to give the anglers a few nice-size bass and one keeper at 28 inch. Back to Minot’s, young Charles, an aspiring angler with the long-rod, shot out a forty-foot cast into the rocks and, as we watched, hooked his first striper. The eleven year-old’s proud dad quipped, “It took me three years to hook a fish in the salt—you’ve done it on your first trip!”

On Monday moring, in association with the Boston Harbor Hotel, we were featured on the Boston’s Channel 56 WLVI TV’s “WB in the Morning” news program. The Harbor Hotel is featuring a Father’s Day fishing adventure for guests on June 17th from 7 am to 11 am. Tom Keer, Orvis fly casting instructor and Rep, gave reporter Gen Rossi an on the water fly casting lesson from the B-Fast, while I provided insight into Boston’s destination striped bass fishery. On both Monday and Tuesday the stripers were erupting on the surface, feeding on silversides, in Dorchester Bay through most of the ebb tide. Sliders and gurglers in chartreuse or white worked well on Wonderline on the surface and chartreuse or gray Half & Half’s worked equally well below.

Capt. Mike Bartlett
B-Fast Charters
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