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Bonefish Leaders

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I'm planning on focusing on flats style fishing for stripers this year and am interested in what others use for bonefish leaders that they tie themselves.

Or, should I just stay with the 4' butt section of 20# and a 4' tippet of 12# and not worry about it?

Thanks Roop
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I use a simple formula for my bonefish leaders:
40" 30 lb
30" 25 lb
20" 20 lb
12" 15 lb
20" 10 lb tippet

But in general, the bonefish flies I use are a bit lighter and easier to cast than those I use for stripers on the flats. Some of the large, heavy, or bulky flies that you might use for stripers might overwork this leader.

I guess a lot depends on the conditions - windy vs calm, aggressive vs wary fish, dropoffs vs skinny water. In each of these cases, the former would be a good time to use a heavier, if not shorter, leader and tippet. The latter instances (e.g., skinny water) would be better for longer leaders, lighter tippets, and smaller or light-weight flies - more like fishing for bonefish. I usually carry a couple of leaders in my pack just for this reason, and even have a leader that is all fluorocarbon just in case the fish are especially tough.

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THanks Aaron - much appreciated.

Interesting timing, I received my copy of SWFF yesterday with an article by Chico Fernandez touting the value of a 12' leader using the 50/25/25 formula.

It's been so long since I worried about leader tapers. A few of my friends that have fished warmwater & trout with me always remark at my 4' of 15# mono with a 4' 4# tippet. I guess some salt species (stripers in deep) are a little more forgiving.

Well, I'll certainly defer to Mr. Fernandez on leaders - and pretty much anything else fly fishing related.

But I still suggest carrying a few different types of leaders with you when you head out.

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