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Blue Northern Shopping Spree Contest

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Most fly points achieved DURING the tying clave between 11am and 1pm wins a $100 shopping spree at Blue Northern Trading Co. in Ayer MA. No more than 6 flies of the same design can be entered in the total. To enter, two flies must be entered in the meister boxes, although these two do not need to be tied at the clave or during the allotted time.

Flies tied without eyes are .5 points, flies tied with eyes are 1 point. Crab flies are 1 point with or without eyes. Painted eyes don't count, eyes must be fishably affixed.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts mean to tell me all of these clousers that I have been tying may actually serve a purpose???? :)
"same design"?? Do different materials and colors qualify for "different" flies??
I'm only kidding....I'll have all I can do to make it there for more than 1 hour....though I am working on Mrs. B to assume kids sports duties this coming weekend....
Does this mean if I manage to show up....a couple of crockpots of chili had better be with me?
Two flies into the meisters' box but no more than 6 of the same design? Where do the other 4 of that design go? Sounds like there could be unlimited designs? Points for eyes vs no eyes, is there a maximum point value for a fly?

curious minds.
Oh a 2nd year tyer I still move slow and savor my flies. About 1.3 per hour. You guys already tie fast enough!
(if Sully wasn't running around running things, he'd be a shoe in for the speed tyer). Why do you think my motor rotary epoxy dryer only holds one fly?

Terry (sore loser already, ya but I got a $100 gift cert. from my mother in law for Blue Northern and just spent it at the show, so there!)
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Sorry about the confusion...

I meant to say:

To enter, member puts 2 flies into the meister fund. These can come from home or whatever. This is not part of the contest, it's like the ante.

The contest starts two hours after the clave and ends two hours before to allow people who really want to win a chance to mingle for four hours at leisure (before and after the feather fest).

The 6 pattern limit means that you can tie 6 of a kind then do up to 6 of a kind of something else, etc.

The eyes obviously are a big part of the striper fly genre (if there is such a thing) and it's a lot easier to ignore the eyes for speed. Since the majority of striper flies have eyes, this is to discourage tying ultra sparse flatwings without eyes to get a leg up.

Theses are suggested guidelines and as everything else is around here - open to refinement. What are the thoughts?
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(if Sully wasn't running around running things, he'd be a shoe in for the speed tyer)

Thanks Terry but, No Way! Bob Pink would kick my a$$.
Please bear with me if this was already answered, but should I be shopping for a tying machine to bring with me or not? I get the impression with the contest and all, that a novice won't be able to leverage some of the greater knowledge?
Have heart TinMan, as far as I am concerned, speed kills!

The fastest thing you'll see moving at StonyBrook will be the mandibles of certain primates obsessed with discussing their creations instead of creating their discussions....

(I've got to lay off these late night posts, I don't even understand what I wrote the next morning.....)
as far as I'm concerned, in fly-tying and lovemaking... speed is not something I strive for. take your time and enjoy it. Tom D
Unfortunatly, the more time spent with one means the less with the other.....
So add to my list of goals for 2001 success in doing more of each.....So much depends on the length of your bobbin
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I threw speed out as a proposal - is there a better measure for this contest? How about over improvement from start to finish?

It's open until it starts... just trying to create a little fun.
Maybe hold onto the gift certificate and give it to the first confirmed striper catch of 2001 on a fly made at Stony Brook!

The proof is in the catching!

PS: I'm only 1/2 joking

Guys, I don't mind watching and picking up tips on camcorder, etc. I'll probably make only enough for the fly swap anyway if I'm lucky.
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Tinman, I am a beginner also, started 6 weeks ago, so I am sure this will be great for the beginner... pick up tons of tips in one place I would suspect. Also, TomD indicated that he would be bringing some vises, infact I have one of his I need to return to him at the clave since I have purchased my own about one month ago. Check with him to confirm.. but I would suspect that all the vises will not be in constant use during the day anyway... per Bob Pinks probably acurate prediction.
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