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I observed a behavior among the bluefish I've never seen here in Chesapeake Bay, may you have some ideas. On one flat in about 4' of glass flat water there were literally acres of blues just finning on the surface. They were not feeding, at times they were daisy chaining like tarpon, mostly they were just barely
moving with their fins and tails sticking up out of the water. We managed to aggravate a couple fish into striking flies, but mostly any fly that came near these fish caused them to spook. Have you experienced this behavior and had any success with enticing strikes?

Good question!
Yup, sometimes you will see the blues doing that. They maybe resting. No one knows for sure. Some think they are in post spawn, just chillin out. Seeking shallower, warmer water. Were would you go if you just had kids? If you throw a big popper at them it tends to spook them. I find that if you throw a small gurggler at them and make 3 small gurgles and leave still, that tends to work the best. With bass try a crab slowly twitched or strip the biggest brightest, gaudiest fly through the bunch of 'm and try to aggravate them. Usually one will attack it. Thanks, Pete!

Sight fishing the outer beaches has been overall productive. Friends landed 5 keepers on fly while looking for them yesterday. They were not spooky and eager to eat!

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May all your door knobs smell of fish,

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