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Bermuda Bonefishing?

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Looks like the wife is cookin' up a big family trip to Bermuda. Although available knowledge would advise that "it's better in the Bahamas", anyone have any first hand knowledge on the bonefishing, tarpon, or permit fishing in Bermuda?

That's me on the moped with the flyrod.
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ABout the best (only?) site I could find...

Notice one independent bonefish / inshore guy, the rest are offshore. Maybe they'll let me cast toward flotsam for mahi mahi or yellowfin tuna on the big boats...

But WAIT.... I think I found my ride...
Have you ever done the bonefish game??

Look at this picture...whats with those second set of legs??? Okay, Im getting mind out of the gutter. :D :D

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I recall an article in Saltwater Flyfishing some months back - I'll have a dig around - shore prospects looked interesting in places - you lucky dawg!
I went to high school with a guy who is the only bone fishing guide on the island. The fishing sounds really tough(very short flats) but the fish are suposed to be huge. James Pearman. See
Oh, and here's his page
There is a ton of stuff on google. Tell James I said "Hi".
Three or four years ago we did the cruise out of Boston to Bermuda. My morning routine was to go have coffee up on deck at about 6:00am. Each morning I would pass a guy heading out with a rod or two. This was pre obsession but I wished I'd talked to the guy. The boat was docked in St George and Tabaco Bay was about a 15 minute walk. Pleasant little lagoon with a bunch of assorted fish. Looked promising for easy early morning fishing.

Anyhow, I have been curious about the shore opportunities.

Fred A.
Thanks guys, I am getting pretty stoked. The lack of inshore information first turned me off - but the bluewater opportunities look red hot! I was getting ready to try to justify a 12wt...

But with your help it looks like there will be some shore ops for bones and other species, however limited.

Eddie - I will definitely contact James, and appreciate the referral.

I hope to fish for bones in Bermuda at the end of this week. I'll report after my trip. May bring a 12 wt as well.


Awesome Peter! The rumor mill says small beaches, big bonefish. I can live with that ;-)

I'll definitely be talking to Eddie's schoolmate when I head down. Amazing how much different it is from the Bahamas in terms of bonefishing guides, eh? Bluewater seemed to be the focus, in a big way. That wahoo is one scary lookin' tunoid! :eek:

Roop's buddy reports that there is an area on the northwest tip of Bermuda that is suitable for flats fishing (?)

In any case I *really* look forward to your report!
NrthFrk16 (10-31-2001 02:14 a.m.):
Have you ever done the bonefish game??
I've done it three times, all three times in the Keys. I recently found some photos from these trips, I need to scan them and post the stories. Awesome time down there, just narcotic walking around the shallows and mangrove trees. Margaritaville with a flyrod.
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